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Name: Grecia Age: 14 Town/state: Hempstead, New York Your… - Every time you view this, an emo boy gets a hug. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Every time you view this, an emo boy gets a hug.

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[Jan. 25th, 2005|12:35 pm]
Every time you view this, an emo boy gets a hug.


[Current Mood |coldhouse iss..frrreezzing..]
[Current Music |Love rhymes with hideous car wreck - the blood brothers]

Name: Grecia
Age: 14
Town/state: Hempstead, New York

Your 5 favorite Bands
1. The Used
2. Taking Back Sunday
3. The Blood Brothers
4. Good Charlotte..I'm sorry for all you anti gc people but i still love them i hope this doesn't effect me getting accepted into this community
5. Weezer

Name Your Favorite emo band.
- The Early November

What are your favorite lyrics to live by. Why?
- all that i've got by the used because it's really indescribable.I mean it's like a good feeling that i get knowing that i'm far from lonely.It helped me out when i almost got into a fight with my bestfriend.It just told me that i'm alone.I don't have to leave being alone.Just knock me out and let me go back to sleep.I feel like that sometimes.Like there's no way in hell i'll die with someone next to me.It ticks me off when like someone tells me i'm not alone.That's the only reason why i listen to this song a lot because it denies all that mushy crap about you'll never die alone.It's pretty funny how people think that a big grin and a smile helps you survive each day.I hate that.It's true what bert says in his lyrics.I'll be just fine pretending i'm not.I fake grins,smiles,and silence so that i'm pretending i'm okay,but i'm not.That's pretty much stupid how people see this emo thing.Oh a bunch of whiney kids out to hate the world,cut their wrist,wear eyeliner,wear black everyday,say the world means nothing to them.So stereotypical.I'm not emo,i don't label myself.That's what the world wants you to do.Label.Oh i'm punk,i'm emo,i'm hardcore,i'm pop,i'm rap.I got off subject.Wow.Sorry.Well i'll let you read this.Anywho that song just tells me that i'm not alone.A lot of people feel the same way.I can relate to this alot.

What Do you think about

-Avril Lavigne. I hate her...she is so fake to her fans.She doesn't care about them.She's all like i'm avril i hate the world and oh yeah.I'm punk.I don't listen to britney spears cause punks don't like her.I'm a rocker with an attitude.Her songs are okay.But it's her voice that doesn't fit the lyrics.It's disturbing.She doesn't even deserve to be called punk rocker.I'm not punk or emo or anything.But she just doesn't fit the category.She is really fake about everything.Oh i hate pop people then why does she hang around paris hilton.She is a hypocrite.

-Gay Marrige I don't hate it.It's love.I mean a man and a woman god wants us to do.But if we have feelings for the same sex it can't stop us.If i was a lesbian i would so be mad.Because they can't control who i can marry.It's like controlling what god we believe in.It's pretty much stupid.If you love someone dearly wouldn't they all appreciate that they do it for love.Why does it matter if girls and girls get married.You don't see that many guys against it.Only those christian people.That's ridiculous.That's why this whole world is going to collaspe in one big arguement.

-George Bush ehh..i'm not really into politics.But that dumbass guy is going to ruin all of us.I mean he's okay and such but he just doesn't know how to take control of this country.He's better off letting Kerry or someone else run this country.For one thing he bombed iraq because they have nuclear crap.Does he have proof of it.I mean not to bag him on stuff.But we be better off with someone else other than him.He's gonna lead us to our early grave.

If We dont know you, and you found this community. Please show a picture.. I don't have a picture at the moment.

[User Picture]From: elijahcrazed
2005-03-30 01:05 pm (UTC)
love the icon. :)
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