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emo_hugs_4_you's Journal

Every time you view this, an emo boy gets a hug.
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Well...pretty much...I made this community for Kylie and me, because we just love those emo boys :)

</3 Kylie and Vanessa Heres the application. If you wanna join then fill this out.. Name: Age: Town/state: Your 5 favorite Bands. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Name Your Favorite emo band. - What are your favorite lyrics to live by. Why? - What Do you think about -Avril Lavigne. -Gay Marrige -George Bush If We dont know you, and you found this community. Please show a picture.. The Aplication should be under and lj cut.((so we don't flood the Friends pages)) And have the caption be "my application" thanks, And go hug an emo boy! ~Kylie And Nessa!